Slovak Art Center inspired by Gerlach peak

JANREVAJ architects created a concept for a private investor of an Art Center inspired by the highest mountain in Slovakia – Gerlach peak. He designed this Art Center as a free form with curving walls.

Jan Revaj has worked on various projects around the world, especially in the European, American and Russian markets. He relies on his artistic talent and imagination, which he develops in drawings and paintings. He then abstracts it into forms and designs for its architectural works. This is also true for his design of the concept of the Slovak Art Centre, whose architectonic form originated from a drawing.

The design of the Art Center for the capital of Slovakia comes from these ideas:

“I walk through the forest and the wind scatters the clouds. I can see the peak through them … the Gerlach peak. I feel that it does not even touch the ground and just floats above them… Nature has created this beautiful art, and art will fill this amazing space again….”

The Art Center as a space for cultural and social life development is designed to be in the most frequented part of Bratislava, which is surrounded by a shopping center and the longest river of Europe – Danube.

The roof is constructed by supporting lamellas arching over the art center. In the middle, over the multifunction room, the lamellas create amphitheatre.

The Art Center will have 7 floors in which there will be a gallery, forum, outdoor amphitheatre, restaurant, accommodation units and offices. The outdoor amphitheatre will offer a unique view on the river Danube.

The surroundings of the Art Center will consist of grassy banks and a green boulevard designed for recreation and relaxation.

“I would not say I’m avoiding right-angles. I have them in each of my buildings, only use them elsewhere and in different proportions. There is not only black and white, there are many shades between these colors. Nor is there only a circle and a square. I take advantage of these amazing possibilities and shape the space. These intermediate steps help me create emotion and atmosphere.” says Jan about his buildings.