"From line to form is the transformation of an emotion into a space."

-Jan Revaj-

Emotion => space

Line - (shape) - Form - (shape) - line

  1. Everything has its unique emotion. Whether it’s tangible or intangible, alive or not alive.
  2. Every emotion has its space. Inner and outer. Outer space is the one that affects us and through which we experience emotions. Inner space shapes emotion and determines its intensity.
  3. Emotion is dynamic line full of energy changing own shape into form.
  4. Emotion consists of multiple lines. One essential line and multiple complementary lines. Every line is transmitting content.
  5. The essential line is the centerpiece of emotion which determines the course and intensity. Complementary lines are supplements and enhance the essential line.
  6. Complementary lines are able to transform to shape but not into the form itself. They are complementary.
  7. The content of the line is the internal feature such as material which is transformed to form.
  8. The climax of emotion is the transformation to form and its return to line.
  9. Form, as a climax of emotion, shapes our perception.
  10. Every emotion has its course, start, and end.
  11. Every emotion is unique and thus shapes a unique space.


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