Unearth the uniqueness


Being unique is natural, therefore it is innate to create extraordinary things. Let's realize our transience and the possibility of creating something stellar here... Right here, right now and together... Let's be ourselves.


If you desire a functional house, talk about the roles of the different components…
If you desire a home with emotion, talk about your feelings…

Philosophy of creation

“Drawing becomes architecture just as architecture becomes drawing. Each enables a new perception of the other. I perceive architecture as an intermediary to my art and vice-versa. I bring individual experiences and discoveries from one field to another, empowering them to move forward.”

Evolution of
natural scenery

Before I start designing architecture, I consider the horizon of the landscape and its abstract transformation. If architecture is to be an element of the landscape, it must be based on it.

From line to form

“From line to form“ is the transformation of emotion into space. Right angles are no longer significant; only the freedom one feels in nature. In this way, I yield a space from a pure, unique line that permits you to be yourself. A space that, with its lightness and elegance, allows your senses the freedom to fulfill your dreams.”

    Nature & architecture & art

    For me, nature is flawless. Through my art and architecture, I push my creativity closer to nature because that possesses the power to please.

    Lines with energy

    Each line breathes energy, whether it is expressed in drawing or revealed in architecture.

    Art & design & craftsmanship

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