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„I transform what I feel into architecture. Sensual purity.“
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The greatest pleasure is to create something that I have never seen before. I feel freedom in nature, which is why I design such architecture... Architecture of free forms.


ByourD is a unique global project focused on next-generation housing and sustainable urban development.
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    Eyes tower

    Eyes do not age… They have the power to turn back time, even to stop it, because they have a story of their own. Peer into the future and create places where every moment is special.

    Winter harbour

    Not only people grow and develop,
    but also a space does.


      Creating a better future

      Buildings affect not only the people who own them, but also those who pass them by. It is crucial to be aware that we are creating an environment which shapes us all. Let´s build architecture without negative consequences for future generations. Because this planet does not belong to us, we are only visitors here on a short holiday.

      A school in harmony
      with nature

      The school is positioned in a way as to make optimal use of the contour of the land and to divide its form into zones, each with a different purpose. Nature and green spaces are the guiding lights for creating a landscape concept. We design not only an object, but also a space, a landscape that respects the character and scale of the surrounding buildings.

        Sports hall

        We are creating a new experience, an attractive place with a unique atmosphere, which support the identity of the city, strengthen the relationship of its inhabitants, and attract tourists and visitors. Sport is an experience that enhances the space of the hall, elevating its surroundings to a new level.Here is a space where people feel as though they are a natural part of it. We bring this feeling not only to the hall itself but also to its immediate surroundings.

          The environment

          Aligned with nature

          The infinite beauty of nature inspires us daily. We create architecture that does not have a negative impact on nature. On the contrary, it harmonizes with it.

          Slovakia pavilion
          expo osaka 2025

          We transform the present and create the future. We are a small nation with a big vision. Each line is an idea waiting to be manifested. An abstracted unique line - the idea is transformed into space and configuration.

            Mountain resort

            The pilgrimage resort located in the heart of the Demänovská Valley, is known for its many caves. An integral part of them is also the bat, which became the inspiration for the architecture
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            The art of architecture

            When I design for multiple people, I look for a common element which connects them all and with whom they can identify.

            Rumansky art centre

            A gallery dedicated to the works and legacy of academic painters- brothers Igor and Ivan Rumansky - the Rumansky Art Centre was created to present their work while supporting a new generation of artists.
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              Slovak art center

              I walk through the forest and the wind scatters the clouds. I can see the peak through them … Gerlach Peak. I feel that it does not even touch the ground and just floats above the clouds… Nature has created this beautiful art, and art in turn fills this amazing space.
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                Slovakia pavilion
                expo 2020 dubai

                Connecting ideas = creating the future A form inspired by the traditional folk craft “basketry“ (weaving a basket).The basket represents carrying the best of our country. It symbolizes the culture and the collective belief which has become the central to the evolution of humanity. It has enabled us to connect people who do not know each other and lead them to mutual cooperation, thus shaping our future.