Private universe
I come home and I am happy.
I have people around me,
who are the universe to me.

I have come to my planet,
where the harmony of shapes
creates natural uniqueness.

A place that fills us
with joy and energy.

It is our home
the place I know I can be myself.

Endless inspiration

Architecture & art & nature

The vineyards above the city spawn a green infinity. Villa Octa became a part of it.

Landscape villa

A line emerging from nature seamlessly permeates the landscape. It forms a villa, naturally connecting to it.

Plot m2

3 800

Usefull area m2


    An art form

    Living space is not just about functionality. For us, it is an art form. It is a story told through artistic expression.

    Emotion through art

    From line

    You will be here as you have always been here.
    You are so natural, so beautiful.

    to form

    You create a space where emotion takes shape.
    You create a place which cannot be deserted.

    Characteristic expression

    A distinctive style and style and expression have the power to create something new. Together they create a villa like no other.

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