Swim in the clouds
I look into the distance.
I watch the clouds floating over the city
and I feel as if I can touch them.

In a moment they are replaced by flashing lights,
but I´m still standing and staring.

Above all, I enjoy the place.
Everything passes me by
as if I am not even a part of it.

I feel this lightness and the calm,
both fulfilling me.

Touch the sky

This is the place with the most beautiful panoramic view in the city.
Sky is a villa floating quietly in the clouds.

    City villa

    A private residential zone on a steep slope above the city offers a glamorous view. A panorama that surrounds you. You stand above the city and realise that it all belongs to you. The villa was born from these emotions. Villa Sky - not afraid to be bold, confident, and yet natural.

    Plot m2

    1 000

    Usefull area m2


      From line

      Natural selection follows instinct.
      The day never ends, it always just begins.
      Is as infinite as this place.
      Because I am part of it… Forever.

      to form

      I know what I want, I know who I am.
      There is only one possibility and that is the perfect shape.

        Light and shadow

        Sculpted forms creates a beautiful play of light and shadows.

            Living an experience
            of comfort

            High-quality resources create comfort and foster the joy of living. The muted colours of the natural materials permit handcrafted details to stand out.

              Emotion in space

              A theatrical experience full of ambiance and scenery.
              You will become part of this performance.

              Pure shapes

              A dynamic form shines in the silhouette of the city.
              This is Villa Sky.

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